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    Default Which tires for me?

    Hello everyone. I have a 95 TA with a 383, LE2 Heads, custom cam, forged, 58mm TB, true duals dumped, A4 3200 stall, Rear LCA with relocation brackets, adjustable pan hard, and working on getting the rest of the suspension. I just got this car finished and at the track. I have 26" Hoosier DR2's on 15" welds. My local track is Willow Springs Raceway. Elevation is 2500ft and the DA is always between 4500 and 6000ft. It's a road course but they have '1000 Street style drags on the big straight. They dont allow any prep whatsoever. You get one burnout way before you get up to the tree and it is all asphalt. With the DR2's no matter what i tried i would spin at launch. I dont expect to dead hook here but maybe you guys have some advice for me? Should I try a bias ply? Different brand? My fastest time is a 10.3 at 100mph. I would like to get into the 9's there. They dont have 60' times so I'm screwed there. I spin forever off the line and if I roll into it to fast I blow them off and get sideways. I have fun and beat alot of fast cars and surprise alot of people after they come by to see the LT1 still inside it. Havent lost to a mustang yet and beat the local hellcat guy once. I want to go to a real track but they are far from my house. I will go to Bakersfield once this year, when the track opens again to get some real times. Well thanks for any advice and have a great 2021.


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