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    Default 2022 Sponsorship of the LTX Shootout.

    Well the time has come to announce's sponsorship of the Shootout Event.

    As much as I wish I could tell you all that we are once again the title sponsor, that unfortunately is not the case this year.

    Due to a loss of much of our sponsorships and associated costs to keep the site up and running, administration collectively decided that we just could not afford it.

    (Even when we had more sponsorship and site activitie, administration still reached deep into their own pockets to complete the financial responsibility to be the title sponsor).

    We are still pleased to announce that LTXtech is still doing what we can, and sponsoring a class, in an attempt to help keep the event alive.

    I'm sure it's no suprise to anyone who actually sees this, that forum activity and interest have dwindled to near nill, hence the loss of many of our sponsors. However, It is because of those sponsors that are still with us that we are able to still claw our way to holding on to being involved.

    So we would like to take this moment to appologize for our step back at sponsorship, as well as our pride in those sponsors that have allowed us to be the Title sponsor in the past, as well as our appreciation to those that have made it possible for us to still be a part of the event that is our site's name sake.

    Thank You Administration

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    Our BIG MOMENT @ the 2012 LTXshootout

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    Money's tight everywhere, especially in business that is based on peoples hobbies! Last few years BDB Racing's contributions came from my pocket. The volume of sales it takes to have enough money to cover website/SSL fees and support an outside event just didn't equal out.

    At least this provides a place for those who don't do FB or other social media. I kinda miss the days where the forums were full of activity and pages of friendly trash talk and debates. Back before FB and smart phones ruined everything!
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