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    Default 4th Gen LT4 Swap Help

    Hello everybody.
    i have a 98 camaro Z/28 that is set up for drag racing 9" cage th-400 etc.
    long story short it had a 408 nitrous engine builder did not measure correctly piston was hitting head motor came out was about to rebuild when i came across a great deal on a stock
    2019 LT4 with 8L90 end up buying it. this is going to be a max effort LT4 im not sure of the blower limit or fuel limit im debating about a bigger blower before the swap. i will not be using 8L90 using th400 due to dedicated race car. i will be using a Holley System instead of stock harness

    we are about to start the swap here in a few weeks and im trying to put together a list of what i need so i can start buying parts now.
    i was hoping to get some help or tips from someone who knows or if there is any problems im going to run into.

    ive just started doing research these last few days and have not found much about this swap.

    also as far as mod list thinking
    Cam kit meth tb headers converter arp bolts i was told air to water system would be big gains.

    i would like to hear the guys with LT experience with mod list as im coming from ls VERY new to lt world goal is high 8s low 9s
    Thanks for reading and your help.
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