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    Gail C. Cahall
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    Default Thanking you all, again and the new face of CPT.

    Admins, sponsors and forum members,

    For those of you that may not know me, I'm Gail Cahall . I am a sponsor on the forum under American-Powerhouse, but I am also the wife of Frank Cahall of Cahall Performance Transmissions, another sponsor.

    Thank You for the continued kind messages and condolences on Frank's passing. Your heartfelt words are very much appreciated. The staff and I are forever grateful for your continued support of Cahall Performance Transmissions.

    I have given Frank's member profile on the forum a facelift, since there will only ever be one CAHALL, we will now be known as CPT here. Frank's vast knowledge can't possibly be duplicated, but I will do my best to post up and respond to comments or questions regarding automatic transmissions in this area.

    Please be assured that CPT (Cahall Performance Transmissions) is continuing on and stronger than ever to offer you quality builds for your transmissions. Feel free to contact us should you require assistance.

    Thank you, again.
    Gail C. Cahall

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