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    Default Audio -- Bravox Component Speakers and Alpine Amp -- BRAND NEW

    Ok, been sitting on these for YEARS.....literally. Probably about 12 years now. Not going to use them anytime soon so........up for sale. Both items are absolutely BRAND NEW.

    Bravox CS60 6.5" component speakers. You probably haven't heard of Bravox. They're a Brazilian company and make really high end stuff. I think when these were selling they were around $450. I've heard a set of these in a friends car, hence my seeking them out back in the day. There's very little information on them out there unfortunately, but these are Focal equivalent. Asking $175 shipped.

    Alpine MRV-T320 amplifier. 110x2 and it is bridgeable. Plan was to use these speakers and the amp for the front sound in my car. I've always preferred Alpine amps, they've been good to me. Reliable, solid, tested. Asking $125 shipped for the amp.

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