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Thread: Bad opti ????

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    Default Bad opti ????

    I havn't been on the forum in a few years, totaled my 93 formula almost two years ago. It had a fresh 383 ( less than 3000 miles ) and a new 9inch rear end. I let the car sit for a year and a half. Six months ago I came across a rust free 97 trans am that had sat in a barn since 2005 with 86000 miles on it no motor or trans. mice had destroyed the interior and wiring but the car itself is solid, has some dings and scratches but solid. Two months worth of week ends I totaly striped it down two nothing more than the shell POR 15 on the under side swapped everything from the 93 and I mean EVERYTHING!!!
    Only problem is I forgot shortly before I wrecked the 93 I started having a problem with it breaking up under full throttle above 4500 rpm other than that it runs fine. I have had three lt1 cars since 98 and never had a opti problem dose this sound like the opti going bad or maybe the cap and rotor. It is a 95 gm opti. Thanks TIM...

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    Yes it sounds like it. Can you see if the wp is leaking? Or sometime.

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    Wow just seen the date. Hope your running.

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