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    1983 jaguar xj6

    Default 1983 jag xj6 with lt1

    Hasn't happened yet, but i have the jag (still running its original 4.2 straight 6) which I bought in 06 with every intention of swapping in a v8 right away, but was actually quite impressed with how powerful that big 6 was.
    Anyways.... fast forward 13 years and that 6 is getting tired, I'm no longer comfortable traveling more than 50 miles away from house in it... soooo... whilst browsing craigslist about 6 weeks ago I came across, 94 lt1, with 4l60e, complete drivetrain, standalone harness and pcm, had already been transplanted into an early 70s monte carlo. Got to see and hear it run, so I grabbed it!!!
    I was very tempted to just drop it in jag as it sat, but being as the monte carlo was already 2nd car for engine, I had no idea of mileage (and no gauges were hooked up so couldn't see oil pressure), so I stripped it.. and sent block to machine shop etc...
    Got block and crank back from machine shop last week, so far all I have accomplished is getting crank and cam back in, I did advance cam 2 degrees as it's got the lt4 hotcam in it and my jag is quite heavy..
    More to follow as I slowly progress...

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    Excellent! Any progress, even SLOW, is great progress.

    Dont forget to take pictures and post em along the way.... is my drug...

    Our BIG MOMENT @ the 2012 LTXshootout

    1996 Camaro Z28: RIP 09/25/2016

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    1985/1996GS clone: SOLD

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    2002 Caddilac EscaladeL CAI, lowered, 6.0 , AWD..

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