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    Default Lean Tip In w/OBD1

    Wondering if anyone has a preferred method for combating lean tip in with the 051 OBD1 pcm with a MAF tune, specifically at sudden WOT? I seem to be getting a lean spike when quickly mashing the gas so the throttle response could be better. The car will occasionally stutter (maybe once every 25 times) if I roll into it fast enough. The AFR adjusts pretty quickly and it has no problem getting high 12's AFR until redline, but it takes several cells to get there on both the narrow and wideband.

    TPS voltage is normal, no vac leaks or other weird things. I also noticed a MAF spike a while back when it happened and thought the MAF was going out. It didn't seem to affect the inj pw that much though. Swapped to a different one with the same results. I also redid the MAF wiring with no change.

    Other details:
    -Burst knock is disabled. I'll probably re-enable it as a bandaid and see if the occasional stutter goes away.
    -Never had a problem with a stutter until swapping to a 58mm tb and ported intake. Probably allows me to get too much air too quickly. Guessing the lean spike was always there, now it's just more pronounced.
    -Transient fueling is enabled.
    -I think the PE thresholds are 20% tps and 80kpa? I'll have to double check.

    I read about a mysterious pump shot adder that dumps fuel based on sudden changes in throttle position. AFAIK it's not in EEX or EEXtra, so I'm unsure how I'd go about changing it without a definition.
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