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    Default Making an Optispark function inside HEI dizzy

    I removed the HEI internals except the rotor on a HEI distributor. If I then fabricated an optispark disc and sensor inside of an HEI then how would I make it work with the LT1 PCM? Would I just get the optispark close to the correct spot then just do timing like a SBC? And by correct spot, I mean TDC, or note where the optispark was set to in the stock location and try to get it in the same spot when placed inside the HEI.

    I haven't worked on my car in over a decade and thought I had it figured out at one time. Years ago I bought the optispark block off plate and an aftermarket LT1 balancer with timing marks. My 95 LT1 is in a 3rd Gen Trans Am so there is much room for the HEI distributor. Somewhere I also have the full version of LT1 TTS datamaster or something like that for software that shows sensors and timing off of the PCM.

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