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    Post Two (2) Pairs Of Stock LT1 Cylinder Heards For Sale.

    I have two (2) pairs of bone stock LT1 aluminum cylinder heads for sale. One pair comes with stock valve springs, retainers and locks, just as they came off the car. Both sets are the newer, (i.e. '96-'97 4th Gen 5.7L) GM casting number 12551561 heads and they would be great for a stock rebuild or to send off somewhere for getting worked on while you drive your car. They each have about 45,000-48,000 miles on them. The second pair has been dis-assembled of all valves, springs, etc., cleaned and visually inspected for any cracks/defects etc. This pair is ready to be sent out for porting, bigger valves, better springs, etc., etc., etc.

    Price for either pair is $175 plus actual shipping cost, or, they can be picked up locally in the metropolitan Detroit area without any shipping costs.
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