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Thread: 396 short block

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    Default 396 short block

    Couple of questions on a used 396 short block I just picked up that has Eagle forged rods, crank and SRP pistons. I was able to ID the crank and pistons but the rods have different numbers etched into each one. Anyone have any idea what these numbers stand for ? I am also replacing the pistons for obvious reasons ( I think with the same SRP flat tops ) and noticed that one cylinder has a strange scuff in the cylinder wall ( can barely feel it with my finger ) any ideas on that ?

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    Hard to tell from pics but usually rods are labeled so the cap stays with the rod and piston hole.

    As far as the scuff, do you know the history of the motor? Could have been a butted piston ring
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    Don’t know the history. I thought at first the rods were labeled 1 thru 8 but the numbers are random. Top and bottom on each rod do match, that for sure will keep them together when I’m reassembling.

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