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Thread: Bye Bye G8

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    I just wish the insides were nicer. I can't get over the interior, it's horrendous to me. The outside is sharp......though it took some time for the 6th gen to grow on me. But nope, can't move past the interior. I can safely say I'll never personally own one.
    You're literally the only person I know that doesn't like the interior of the 6th gen. It is world's better than the 5th gens design, which is somewhat better than the 4th gen design.

    The chassis capability is insane on the new cars. The figured out how to get the weight out.
    '94 coupe, 10.15 at 133.65 414" LT1, 4500 stall, n/a, pump gas, mufflers, street trim
    '15 Z/28, Red Hot, AC, Autocross beast

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