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    Default Leaky valves 95 LT1

    I'm at the point where I may need to go to a shop- or come here and ask

    I've made some progress working on my Coprice. Checked my valves using water and also Isopropyl alcohol. On the driver head one valve is leaking, on the passenger side there are 2.

    Heres where I dont know what do- try and lapp the valves myself or just take the heads to a shop? I dont know what else will need to be done if lapping will fix the leaky valve- dont I have to adjust the springs of the lapped valves because the distance they open/close has now changed? Or is that it, lapp em and slap em back in?

    This stuff is where I'm in the fog. Also, im not taking the heads for replaining- I checked them with a straight edge (mechanics bar) and feeler gauge and they are not warped.
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    Lapping may resolve the leak....unless the seats are worn or damaged

    You should also confirm the valves that leak are not bent also

    The amount taken off the valve from lapping is minimal but since the springs would be off to do the valve you could always measure the installed height of the spring to see if it is still within spec or if you needed to add a shim .xxx under the spring locator
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