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    Default Valve train geometry help needed

    Looking to pick someone's brain. Need some input. What are your thoughts of grinding top of stud down for clearance? We have to protect everything on head and engine anyway because of going in with welder to secure the guide plates.

    Trying to set the geometry of this valve train.
    Arp head studs, arp rocker studs 7/16 1.6 scorpion RR's Trickflow heads
    RR interferes with head stud when getting close to the length of rod needed. This only happens on the intake valves because the exhaust valves are skewed at an angle away from stud.

    When the pushrod is long enough to make the RR clear the stud, the RR travel is out past the center of valve stem closer to the exhaust side of the stem indicating that the pushrod is too long.

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