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    Quote Originally Posted by Fastbird View Post
    Funny thing is I look at them, and am like "yeah, they're cylinder heads." That car guy in me is definitely waning anymore. I think this is going to be my last big fart around with a car for a long time.

    Had to chastise my wife too. Heads got delivered while I was out. I got home, and she said "your box is on the porch still." ARGH. I told her "Seriously? You're home, and left a roughly $5K box sitting on the porch, a box with a HUGE AFR Heads logo on the side? Seriously woman?!?!?"
    Ahhhhhh... no!!! Bring em in!

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    So these are kind of looking right at home. Got that timing dialed in too.

    Modded the timing cover for a new oil return from the scavenge pump. This will help clean up the top side of the motor.

    Hoping to get some more wrenching done Wed/Thurs this week. Once the timing cover and hub of the ATI balancer are on I plan to tape off all exposed connectors, seal the heads up (valve covers are temp installed, so runners essentially) and power wash the grime out of the engine bay that collected from the leaky scavenge pump line. Once that's done will start reassembling everything else.

    Getting with a buddy locally also, going to make some sumps for the turbo's. He tested his out now (65 Mustang, Coyote Motor, twin GT35R's, lots and LOTS of totally custom stuff like an Arduino to control ALL vehicle electronic functions, etc........and he's doing it ALL on his own) and has declared them a total success, ZERO oil collection in the turbos, pipes, no smoke on startup or anything......and they're down just as low as my turbo's are. So we're doing a set for my car also.

    Hoping to have the majority of the car buttoned up during labor day weekend. I would be coming to the shootout but I need to pull back the spending due to accepting a salary position at work effective September 1st, that comes with a pay cut (for now) unfortunately.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ryan Stout View Post
    I would try to work my neck muscles but I'm not invited to the LS guy parties.

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