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Lloyd Elliott

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    Default This is long overdue but I still want to say Thank you to Frank at CPT

    Sorry its taken me so long to say something about how you really took great care of me and delivered a truly superior trans back to me after the whole drive line fiasco thing I had going on. back story is that after getting ripped my "Monster" I sent my trans to CPT. Frank build me another one and it worked great for about 150 miles and it let go just like the prior one did. Now at this point I am really questioning what the hell is going on.The only thing I could think of was driveline angle and length because my 2006 Avalanche is lowered. I took off the tailshaft housing and found that the splines were rolled over at the point where they should have been nice and straight and this could only happen if the driveline was going too far up in to the trans and crushing the internals of the trans. Frank found the inside of the trans destroyed and he uses top shelf parts that should not fail like this. GM did not build enough clearance in to the driveline to not bottom out in the trans at full suspension travel and so long story short mine is effectively too long and killing transmissions. No fault to Frank but he fixed it for me at one hell of a deal and its ready to go again. Highest regards for Frank at CPT and my opinion is that if you go any place else your looking for an expensive headache so save yourself a giant bump on the head and just get a CPT tranny now. Frank your awesome and thank you. Mike Frazier.
    If you don't stand behind our MIlitary then feel free to stand in front of them. <---- This is my oldest son (PROUD DAD HERE) Mike (just plain mad) Madman337 1993 Camaro Z/28 A4 all stock other than a muffler and LCAs @292K+ miles. 2006 Chevrolet Avalanche. 1970 Pontiac Firebird. 1972 Camaro, 1994 Corvette, ​17 Fusion Sport AWD V6 Twin Turbo

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    Im not only an LTXtech member... Im also the Owner.

    Our BIG MOMENT @ the 2012 LTXshootout

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