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    "The Rock"

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    Jul 2009
    1996 Camaro Z28, 1994 Trans Am GT, 1985/1996 Corvette CLONE
    Shillington, Pennsylvania, United States


    So not a big "mod," but to me its the little things.

    Most of u who know me, know Im the POPO. So, a little "blue line" mods.

    Had the faded caddy flag covered in blue glow in the dark vinyl... then some blue line Punisher decals over top...

    Im not only an LTXtech member... Im also the Owner.

    Our BIG MOMENT @ the 2012 LTXshootout

    1996 Camaro Z28: RIP 09/25/2016

    1994 Trans Am GT: SOLD 05/2017

    1985/1996GS clone: SOLD

    1996 Impala SS H/C, LT, with true dual exhaust, 4.10s, lowered, with CPT trans, many cosmetic mods, and a whole lot more to come...

    2002 Caddilac EscaladeL CAI, lowered, 6.0 , AWD..

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