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    Default Any race, car club meet in AZ during the next few weeks?

    Hey guys, I'll be going to AZ from april 7th thru the 20th, I'll be very close to Firebird Raceway.. Does anybody know if there will be any car show, race or something I may like to go and checkout?

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    There is the pavilions off of the 101 in Scottsdale on Saturday night, its on the same exit as the Casino I believe its Indian Bend. If you're near Firebird, it's probably about 1/2 hr from there. There are a ton of F-bodies out here, I've only been here just over a year and have seen a ridiculous amount. Other than that, Firebird is shut down now so there will be no more racing for a while. Other people may come in and suggest other places i don't know of.

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    Man, I remember hanging out at the Pavillions on Saturday nights back in 96 when I had my 91 GTA. Those were the days. Glad to hear that it's a continuing tradition.

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    Wow I couldve sworn I commented on this post months ago...guess not.
    The pavillions is still going strong and is where I spend most of my saturday nights lol...definatly worth checking out!
    If I bust my ass you mught even see my car there!

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    Well, I didn't go when I opened this thread but I was there the last 2 weeks and wow, that's a nice car show! Sadly there was only one LTX Camaro

    I'll definitely be there again next time I go to AZ. Here are some videos I shot:

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    96 Formula (LT1/4L60e: LTs, CAI, 3.42 gears, 160 stat, cat delete, poly mounts and 2800 stall..)

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