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  1. Check our sales section for the sponsor section. In there you will see a sticky called SHORTCUT to SPONSORS. Both of them take really great care of our members.... BDB Racing and American-Powerhouse
  2. Hey thanks popo. Clutch pretty dam good and still has a pretty stiff peddle to it. I'd hate to replace the disk for 200 and have it fail when I can get a dual friction clutch kit for 350-400 instead rated at 500+hp. I'll just ride it til the disk wears out and go from there. You know where I can get me the centerforce df disk for cheap just in case?
  3. Hi, and welcome. SInce I had the centerforce put in, I have not replaced ANYTHING clutch related. 3 different motor/motor combos have gone in front of that clutch since 2007 ish...
  4. Hey popo, new to LTX Tech. been an lt1 fan since I dropped an lt1 in my 88 s10 blazer back in 05. that being said I have a 96 z28. fixing to drop a the rebuilt 383 stroker in backed by a T56. it was a 383 before I broke the crank and the T56 was running smooth wit no complaints except a lil (very minimal) grinding when switching to 2nd I think only due to me holding the clutch at high idle too long. been a few months since I drove it. anyway the trans has a Centerforce DF clutch kit that was working fine. disk is a little worn with marks. my question is and I ask you because ive read you have the same set up, how long did the pressure plate last you and how many times have you replaced the disk in it? I am debating whether to purchase a new clutch kit or just get a new disk since the pressure plate was still engaging pretty dam good.
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